In these pages you will find resources for use in worship, personal devotion and discipleship. Over the last 13 years at Convergence we’ve actively engaged artists and art making to help us re-imagine church through creative and artistic practices. Our task was to go beyond simply using completed artifacts (a painting, dance, song, etc.) to engage the craft of art making itself to teach us a different way to learn, engage, grow and worship.

While it is not necessary that we all become skilled painters, photographers, dancers, actors, writers, or musicians; it is essential that we engage practices that teach us how to see, to hear, to play and to curate our lives according to God’s purposes.

We hope you will take these resources for your personal use or use in ministry as our gift and labor of love. And we pray they will inspire your own imaginative journey.

This site is made possible in large part by a grant from the Duke Street Trinity Baptist Memorial Foundation. Several of the projects were funded by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Vital Worship Grants, with funds from the Lily Endowment.

These resources were created at Convergence: A Creative Community of Faith in Alexandria, VA and in classrooms at the John Leland Center for Theological Studies and Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC.


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