Welcome to Fall Spiritual Collectives

This 6-week group is intended to be a generous space for reflection and sharing about where God is present for you during this time. Using the weekly recorded meditations as a prompt for spiritual reflection, you’ll be given the chance each session to hear from one another and speak aloud the insights and questions that have formed since the last time you met.

Our series for this session is titled, Sipping & Soaking.

For previous collectives, the components for each week were delivered to you in an email. We have made some slight adjustments. You can find the weekly meditation video and reflection inventory on the blog. You will still get email reminders with links to all relevant items.

How Do I Attend?

To keep things nice and simple, all Spiritual Collectives use the same Zoom link. You will receive an email each week that includes this link.


It’s Important that you Attend All 6 Sessions and Commit to Daily Prayer

Of course, life is hectic, and things happen. But that’s kind of the whole point of this group – to build daily and weekly practices that help you experience the presence of God in the everyday. So, go ahead and put it on your calendar. Your committed presence will enhance the experience for you as well as for the rest of your group.

The Spiritual Collectives are not a Bible study or ongoing “small group.”

Just in case you were wondering. They’re designed as a vehicle for developing your capacity to listen for God’s voice through a variety of medium (readings, video, our own lives, the world around us and through what others in our group share). Our sharing time is not meant to be a discussion, but rather a chance to gift others with what comes out of our listening time and receive the gift of their sharing as well. This is one of the reasons it is important to commit to being present at each session. We show up for another by listening and by sharing.

Take a look at this video I put together for you which explains how the Spiritual Collectives are different from other small groups.

Enjoy! -Lisa

” I love the sharing and reflection part of the Spiritual Collectives! Listening to what others heard during the week opened my mind to new possibilities of thinking and being.”

Spiritual Collective Participant