Learning To See Video Series

In this series on learning to see through the eyes of God, you are invited to consider the ever present mystery and symbol that points to something bigger than immediate circumstances. Convergence is creating a new video each week as a tool for Christian reflection and meditation. Each week, we post the new video on our VergeNow YouTube channel And we will make them available on this site as a free download so that you can easily insert them into your ministry in any way you find meaningful. They can be used as sermon illustrations, Conversation starters for Bible studies and small groups, inspirational meditations to for a midweek connection or any number of things you can think of.

Convergence has paired these video meditations with our “Online Spiritual Collectives” that meet throughout the week via Zoom as a place to connect with a small group of about five – 8 other people. Each group checks in, prays together and discusses a prompt taken from the video meditation.

The meditations are prepared from the ancient wisdom of the Bible as well as contemporary experiences, cultural observations and artistic musings. Our Spiritual Collective facilitators range from curious questioners to seasoned Christians.

A Surveyor's Map

Learning to See: A Surveyor’s Map

A Surveyor’s Map considers the well worn paths of our daily lives as an opportunity for reflection on memory as a composite of all that has been, is now, and that is still to come.

Learning to See: Drowning in Process

Right now, we are all left “looking up to into the sky” just like the disciples; watching and waiting. Drowning Process, is an invitation to go with it


Learning to See: Fermentation

What if we believed Jesus as much as we believe in Jesus? In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), Jesus describes a process of complete transformation akin to fermentation; a process by which old ideas, habits and patterns are overturned and new insights are introduced to strengthen and ensure our flourishing.