Created to Create: Giving Up and Giving In

Watch the video: Giving Up and Giving In

Could giving up and giving in be the key to success and happiness?

In the lectionary text for Sunday, June 21st, (Genesis 21:8-21 and Matthew 10:24-29) two stories are told about giving up and giving in.

In the Old Testament, Hagar is at the end of herself. Having been mistreated so badly she is hopeless and ready to give up her life and that of her son when God comes to rescue them both and give them new life and a new destiny.

In the New Testament, Jesus gives the mystifying “secret of life;” that in order to really live we must give in to an identity that is full shaped by God.

Whether you feel like giving up or you need to give in, this video invites you to give in to the music of your life that you were born to create.

In this series, Created to Create, we are invited to consider our responsibility to curate and create culture not only in our churches but in our world.

Production/Editing: Dan ABH

Script/Narration: Lisa Cole Smith