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Art gives us hope to do more than survive – it beckons us to live! At Convergence we’re dedicated to cultivating the soul of culture by equipping artists of faith to embrace their calling. Won’t you join us in this vital work?

Convergence is the culmination of 15 years of people coming together to grow spiritually and creatively. To meet Convergence, you need to hear our stories.

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Victor Marshall

Victor Marshall, Christian on a Journey – Alexandria, Virginia

“I have a different “home” church that I’ve attended for over 40 years.  However, I now also call Convergence “home” because the people are so friendly and openminded.  Not just the leaders, but also all the members. After I retired a few years ago, I embarked on a Christian journey to love Jesus more.  Convergence is essential to me on that journey.  I’m not especially creative, but I find that the very creative people at Convergence help me grow closer to Jesus because they freely share their feelings and thoughts.  I always feel welcomed in Convergence small onsite groups and in Zoom gatherings that include folks from all over the country.  Their diversity is a little taste of what Heaven will be like.  The Love of Christ is quite evident and enlightening.  I’ve never felt judged or criticized in Convergence despite my being so uncreative among so many creative artists.  I’ll continue to support Convergence because I love the people there – they’re all so encouraging and understanding.  They’re committed ambassadors for Jesus.” -Victor

Jason Corrigan

Jason Corrigan, Emcee, and Spoken Word Artist – Lomita, California

“For me, Convergence came at a pivotal time in my life. In January of 2021 I moved from Baltimore, MD to Southern California. It was a humongous life altering decision. I can honestly say I am right where I’m supposed to be. I am at peace with myself, with God, and I am feeling the spirit led and purpose driven. I was invited by a dear friend of mine to join and partake in this community first through Spiritual Online Collectives. I’ve participated in 3 Spiritual Collectives, facilitated by Dan, Adrienne, and Fox. They are all beautiful people and bring something very unique to the table.  The main thing I noticed about Convergence was the love for one another, the heart posture towards Jesus, and the importance that is placed on the heart of a redeemed Born-Again artist. Lisa does a wonderful job in speaking life into everyone, not only in the faith realm but the artistic identity as well and sowing into their lives by fanning the flame of their God given abilities. This community is really helping me step into my own not only as a disciple of Christ, but as a creative member of the Body of Christ and for that I’m sincerely thankful.”


Patrice Gerideau

Patrice Gerideau, Writer, and Theologian – Augusta, Georgia

“Convergence has been a safe haven for me as a Christian creative. Sometimes churches either ignore us or use our talents for agendas that don’t line up with God’s purpose and plans for us as artists. We don’t mind serving the body of Christ in the institutional church, but we also want to answer the individual calls on our lives. That call doesn’t always look like traditional church work. Convergence takes all of this into account. Pastor Lisa Smith is anointed to nurture Christian artists into the leaders we are called to be. Her humility and commitment to God’s call on her life is rare, refreshing, and revolutionary. The Convergence community is an incubator for creative souls and a community like no other. I am blessed to be part of this community.” -Patrice

Fox Vernon

Fox Vernon, Therapist, and Musician – Alexandria, Virginia

“At a songwriting workshop hosted at the Convergence LAB. I read one of Convergence’s brochures and was drawn in by the openness and the optimism of the invitation to explore my spirituality. I had always had a distant and hesitant relationship with Christianity, being much more skeptical than curious. 

I decided to attend some services and found a community eager to explore what it means to be an artist and to search for truth and goodness. Convergence welcomed my curiosity and my questions, and I wasn’t required to be a perfect Christian or to do it just like everyone else. Instead, I was encouraged to find and appreciate my own path while helping others find theirs. I still struggle in my spiritual journey, but Convergence is a community that lovingly listens to me in ways that help me step out of fear into love.” -Fox

Ronya Dones

Ronya Dones, Visual Artist, and Educator – New Jersey

“Meeting Convergence has taught me what belonging in a church community looks like. Not only belonging, but a true walking alongside one another. Not in a way that looks like doing more things, or an over dependence on one another, but a natural practice of walking alongside one another to truth- however that looks for people during a particular phase of life. 

I’ve been attending churches since I was 5 years old and although each church community I have been a part of had a beautiful gift to offer in the world, Convergence, for me, is a true representation of the body of Christ. 

I’ve grown in my spiritual gifting, my artistic talent and in my relationship with God and others, and that’s putting it extremely brief. The people at convergence have a heart posture toward one another and for hearing God’s voice. I feel like I’m communing with people who get the same big picture I do. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to grow with Convergence.” -Ronya

Rev. Pam Moyer

Rev. Pam Moyer, Pastor at The United Baptist Church of Annadale, Virginia

“It has been my delight to be a donor and work with Convergence since 2006. When I heard about their mission and vision to serve the Arts Community from a spiritual perspective, I was intrigued, and began as a volunteer and “missionary” from another church. While I was in Seminary, it was a dream job to work there from 2009-2015 in areas of space and facilities management as well as congregational health. The staff, leadership, and members helped me develop professionally.

There are several reasons I continue to give during Spring2Action. First, I respect the city of Alexandria’s commitment to non-profit engagement and support; this annual focus reminds me of the important work in the broader community.  Secondly, I admire the ways that Convergence has evolved to experiment and discover new areas of serving all aspects of the arts: theatre, improv, visual art, a variety of musical genres, voice, storytelling, art therapy, children’s art, Spiritual Collectives, PAUSE Meditations, and now Soul Makers. These projects support creatives all over the country, especially since the pandemic. I too found them helpful during that isolation. These projects take time, insight, energy, collaboration, and funding to implement. Lastly, I discovered an artist within myself through writing poetry and storytelling. I now use both skills to enhance my preaching and teaching as a minister. The creative friends I made enriched my life these many years in more ways than I can count. That is why I give. Won’t you?” -Rev. Pam Moyer

Rachel Kline

Rachel Kline of Flowerbomb (Musician) – Baltimore, Maryland

“When I was in high school, I participated in the Lab All Ages open mic, a program developed by Convergence in order to create a safe, multi-generational space for creative people to share their art with one another. As a person who began struggling with mental illness in high school, having that outlet was so essential to my well-being and likely prevented me from turning to harmful methods of coping. As I entered adulthood, Convergence continued to be an important part of my life. It not only was a place for me to play music, but a place to build relationships, volunteer, and engage in an artistic, open-minded community. Now, roughly ten years since I started attending the open mics, members of the Convergence community continue to nurture the relationships we’ve built and consistently provide me resources to help me thrive in my creative endeavors. My band Flowerbomb put out our first full-length record on a label at the end of 2020 and took home Best Rock Album at The Wammies DC 2021. This was only possible due to Convergence’s generosity in providing us a practice space, a place to record, and community support. I donate to Convergence to give back to the wonderful community that has enabled me to become the person and artist I am today. I know there are so many other stories like mine made possible through Convergence, and with the help of generous donors, this organization can continue to make an impact.”-Rachel