Art & Vocation

Art & Vocation groups begin again soon in 2022. Stay tuned for registration updates!

Do you ever:

  • Wish you had more clarity and confidence about God’s call for your life (as a person, a Christian and a creative)?
  • Wish you had clear direction on how to integrate your faith and your artistic work (especially when your work isn’t overtly “spiritual?”)
  • Wish you had a network of other people who “get it” to talk to, grow with and learn from?
  • Wish you really believed it matters that you make art?

Find clarity in your calling

Art & Vocation Peer Mentoring Groups combine an interdisciplinary group of peers, biblical perspective, original material and readings to explore the unique set of questions, challenges and opportunities artists, creatives and makers face when pursuing their calling.

Interdisciplinary peer mentoring

Q: What do you get when you put together a painter, a musician, a writer and a dancer in the same group?

A: A whole lot of wisdom and support!

Art & Vocation Peer Mentoring Groups are designed to give you support and wisdom from others in the field. These interdisciplinary groups draw on the experience of seasoned professionals along with the fresh perspective of those new to their craft. By including voices from across disciplines you’ll be able to see your own work in new ways and gain encouragement and tools to take whatever the “next step” is for you.

Let’s Get Started

For 6 weeks we’ll delve into questions like “How do I know I’m following God’s will?” How do I maintain my integrity as an artist and remain faithful as a Christian? How can I integrate all parts of myself in my work?”

Each week you’ll get a link to a podcast from Lisa Smith’s “Wise-Hearted Ones” series along with questions for reflection to explore on your own.

Then, we’ll meet together once a week for small group peer coaching, discussion and a deep dive into the urgent questions and topics in your life and calling right now.

In these 6 weeks we’ll help you

  • alleviate anxiety around your calling,
  • connect you to a network of supportive peers, and
  • help you gain the confidence and clarity you need to become who you were created to be, make what you were created to make and do what you were created to do.

These 6 week Art & Vocation Groups are led by Lisa Cole Smith, Founder and Artistic Director of Convergence. She’ll share her unique blend of experience as an actor, writer and pastor plus 15 years of coaching and discipling artists and makers with you.