A movement of artists and faith leaders answering a call to do the work of healing in a broken culture.

The need for culture creators who are deeply spiritually formed and prepared to lead is great. Yet, very little is available in the way of discipleship, formation and training for artists who would do this work. We need resources that take their experience and capacity as artists and creators seriously while challenging them to accept the difficult work of contemplative leadership both in and outside the walls of churches.

We want artists to experience their own transformation for the sake of the people and cultures who will be shaped and influenced through the work they will create. Rather than dictate the type of work they must make, we believe the intentional focus on spiritual formation and character development in the ancient way of Jesus will prepare them to work with freedom and confidence in our world as culture shapers and makers – as “wise hearted ones” like the ancient predecessors in the Exodus desert.

While it is essential to encourage and support artists in the local church, this project is focused on equipping the artists of faith who will lead in their local, regional, national and global stage, adding their voice to the broader cultural conversation. soul|makers equips creatives to lead with artistic integrity and freedom and deep spiritual grounding and rootedness so that they may sustain themselves as people and as artists over the course of their careers.

“Over the next decade, the biggest negative disruptors will be young people who are hopeless and connected. The biggest positive disruptors will be young people who are hopeful – and connected. The key variable will be the degree of hope young people experience.

Bob Johansen, The New Leadership Literacies

For fifteen years, Convergence has explored the intersection of art, faith and the human experience. Now, we’re creating ways to share what we’ve learned and connecting with creatives, artists and makers to start a movement to shift the cultural narrative from one of despair to one of hope by shaping the storytellers of the 21st Century.

Through our upcoming initiative, soul|makers, we’ll provide resources, training and community for the “Wise-Hearted Ones” of the 21st Century. We’re excited to give you a first taste through our brand new Art & Vocation Groups. Learn more…

The Stories We Tell Are The Stories We Live

“If you want to change a society, then you have to tell an alternative story.”

Ivan Illich

Find out more about our Art & Vocation Peer Mentoring Groups for artists and makers.

“It is not only the inner chamber of the heart that should glow with the presence of God,
but our culture too –
our cities, our civilization, the whole of life.”

Robert Weber, Who Gets to Narrate the World