soul|makers intensive retreat 2022

All photos by Laura Lyon.

What a weekend! Two weeks ago, 16 people from up and down the East Coast gathered to BETA test some of our brand new soul|makers art and vocation materials.

Check out some of the feedback we’ve received below and stay tuned for more info on future soul|makers events, resources, and your chance to get in on the program!

What They’re Saying…  

“This was very profound and spoke to almost all aspects of my struggles as an artist. I feel like a new narration shone into the old script.”  

 “I really needed this. I am so grateful to Convergence for bringing together all of these amazing, creative human BEings.”    

“I loved it – I can’t wait until our next get together! I had no idea what to expect from this weekend…but I know any gathering of my Convergence peeps will be one of community sharing, stretching, learning, sharing and growing.”  

 “This gave me a break and time to tune in and be with really great people who are all working toward the same things/goals.”  

“It was interesting to find common threads and helped to learn more about my calling. It’s interesting to compare what I thought my direction was and learn more about where my calling is actually taking me. They weren’t far off but it helped give more context and depth to what I’m doing.”    

“This is not just for artists. This freedom is needed for the whole church.”  

“For the first time, I see light at the end of a tunnel that I’ve been traveling alone.  

  “I really enjoyed the community experience. The many a-ha moments created by deep listening and authentic sharing.”   “I felt so much love and peace. I am so grateful.”  

Thank you to all of you who participated in the soul|makers Intensive Retreat at Hawksbill Lodge. Your eager participation and adventurous attitude made it a huge success. – The Convergence/soul|makers Team