Scripture Meditations

Videos for use in prayer, meditation, contemplation and celebration.

Musical meditation in preparation for Convergence Easter Communion 2020. Original Music: Ryan Walker and Fox Vernon. Painting: Bud Hensgen.Video: Lisa Smith. Convergence

Instrumental meditation: Crucifixion, Jay Smith
Painting, Mechelle Schloss; Video: Lisa Smith

PAUSE Contemplative Prayer June 2020

We’ve captured the beauty of Convergence’s monthly contemplative service in “PAUSE”. Give yourself the space to breathe deep and connect with God and yourself through our meditative video comprising, instrumental meditations, scripture reading, poetry and a seven minute time of silence.
Produced and Edited: Dan ABH | Opening Narration: Lauren Owens | Acts 2:1-21 and Poem Narration: Lisa Smith | Instrumental 1 & 2: Jay Smith | Instrumental 3: Dan ABH Digital Images: Anita Breitenberg | Featured Photography: Laura Lyon |

Dramatic Scripture Reading of Acts 2:1-21 – Pentecost

PAUSE Contemplative Prayer May 2020