The VergeNow Podcast is a way to dive deeper into questions surrounding art, faith, culture creation and experimental church.

Created to Create

Learning to See: Fermentation

Learning to See: Drowning in Process

Learning to See: For Mature Audiences Only

Learning to See: A Surveyor’s Map

Learning to See: A Distinctly Christian Imagination

All The Trees of The Fields Will Clap Their Hands

Gather Episode 7: Elise Edwards

Gather Episode 6: Brian Kirby on Taize

Gather Episode 5: Erik Martinez Resly – The Sanctuaries DC

Gather Episode 4: Rev. Josh Hayden and Rev. Tom Lynch – Mission Possible

Gather Episode 3: Sam Bodkin – Groupmuse

Gather Episode 2: Lindsay Hayes – Technology & Faith Among Millennials

Gather Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 1: pt. 3: The Big Why

Episode 1 pt. 2: What the Heck is Convergence Anyway?

Episode 1 pt. 1: Beginning

BETA Episode 1: The One About George Michael

BETA Episode 2: Creative Courage with Charlene Smith of Brave Spirits Theatre

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