Our greatest desire is to know God, enjoy God forever, and in the process, to touch life at some depth.

Don Postema, Space for God.

Our lives are consumed by noise and updates and opinions and tasks. When even our internal dialogue is noisy, we become afraid of what might be discovered in silence.

But, for those who can enter into a shared silence, the benefits are exponential. Convergence provides a safe, fertile space for this intimate experience of prayer and reflection where you can connect deeper with the One who is expansive enough to supply all we need yet intimate enough to meet with us in stillness and quiet.

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A “Spiritual Gym”

In the Bible, God promises to be with us always – in the car, the kitchen, the shower, at work, always! But, we live in a world of business, static, hustle and chaos. How do we tune in and be receptive enough to be aware of the Divine’s ever-presence?

Just as we work to develop our artistic skills and craft, experiencing the presence of the Divine takes practice. At Convergence you’ll find a “spiritual gym” of sorts designed to give opportunities to “workout” together. Some are play-filled explorations of artistic practices that serve to relax the trap of compulsive busyness and drivenness. Others are designed to develop spiritual practices that help us see beauty in ordinary things and even learn to pray.

Check out our schedule of in-person and online “workouts” below.

Creative Prayer Online

Sundays at 5:00 PM join artists, creatives, makers and the curious on Zoom for Practicing the Presence of God Through Creative Prayer; a time of soaking in the words of the Bible and then creatively processing and responding.