Meet Convergence

Meet Convergence

Convergence is the culmination of 14 years of stories. The stories of people coming together to grow spiritually and creatively. The stories of people sharing an expanded vision of the world; supporting each other in their quest to become who they were created to be. Convergence is 14 years of stories about finding faith, hope and love.

To meet Convergence, you have to hear our stories.

Rachel Kline

Rachel Kline
Rachel Kline, Flowerbomb

When I was in high school, I participated in the Lab All Ages open mic, a program developed by Convergence in order to create a safe, multi-generational space for creative people to share their art with one another. As a person who began struggling with mental illness in high school, having that outlet was so essential to my well-being and likely prevented me from turning to harmful methods of coping. As I entered adulthood, Convergence continued to be an important part of my life. It not only was a place for me to play music, but a place to build relationships, volunteer, and engage in an artistic, open-minded community. Now, roughly ten years since I started attending the open mics, members of the Convergence community continue to nurture the relationships we’ve built and consistently provide me resources to help me thrive in my creative endeavors. My band just put out our first full-length record on a label at the end of 2020, which recently won a local award for Best Rock Album in the DC area! This was only possible due to Convergence’s generosity in providing us a practice space, a place to record, and community support. I donate to Convergence to give back to the wonderful community that has enabled me to become the person and artist I am today. I know there are so many other stories like mine made possible through Convergence, and with the help of generous donors, this organization can continue to make an impact.

Rachel Kline, Flowerbomb (Musician) – Alexandria, Virginia

Adrienne Reedy

Adrienne Reedy, Gospel Recording Artist, Retreat Leader, Artist

Earlier this year, I was leading a retreat online. We never know how God is going to move when we just say yes to His requests. Although I expect that He’s going to do something great I’m still always surprised. That was the case with Convergence. Meeting Trenda Jacocks as a participant in my retreat was a gift in of itself but witnessing her ambassadorship was even greater. Her invitation to visit Convergence was compelling but nothing more than “you have to come”. She was right! To stumble upon a welcoming community of artists and people on their own faith journey embracing gifts expressed in the use of art is refreshing. Nuggets of truths through thoughtful words, visuals, and music allowing space to creatively respond with paints, watercolors, pastels or silence upon hearing words through readings and prayers has been just enough to prime the pump within to explore how God is speaking and moving in my life and others around me. By saying yes to coming has caused me to step further into engagement with Convergence to the point where I too will extend an invitation and tell others, “you have to come”. Simple as that!

Adrienne Reedy, Gospel Recording Artist, Retreat Leader, Artist – Stamford Connecticut

Mike Lyon

Mike Lyon, Musician

Being a drummer in an urban setting can be difficult. There aren’t too many spaces that you can play loudly or for a long time, which is why I was so grateful when Convergence allowed me access to their soundproof studio. Several members of the congregation and I formed a band and I am so grateful for my time with them. Aside from my own artistic needs, Convergence supports musicians and creators of all backgrounds through The Lab All Ages. We give to Convergence to support performing arts in a time when it is needed most.

Mike Lyon, Musician – Tampa Florida

Karen Swenholt

Karen Swenholt, Sculptor

My participation at Convergence fits my beliefs about the importance of culture and beauty especially as it connects to an individual’s bedrock world view about love and life’s purposes. Art is easily embraced and promoted for children and that is good and understandable. Convergence’s work to free adult artists to have emotional and logical permission to explore their art form is crucial to the abundance of that artist’s life and the culture we live in. Art gives hope and direction to humanity in ways seldom consciously acknowledged. One of Jesus Christ’s memorable quotes is, “I have food of which you do not know.” This world is permeated with the ‘other foods’ of the mind, body and soul. The whole culture eats the art and visuals and songs and even advertising we swim in. Convergence nurtures artists with an underlying view of art that is sophisticated and free. Within that freedom, which is broader than many admit themselves, the art explored is allowed to reflect the complexities of the true lives out of which it is formed in partnership with a spiritual component which ennobles.

Karen Swenholt, Sculptor – Alexandria, Virginia

Laura Lyon

Laura Lyon, Photographer

As someone who has been a Christian and a practicing artist almost my entire life, I have often struggled to find a way to combine the two worlds I am most passionate about- artistry and faith. When I first heard about Convergence, I was so excited and immediately fell in love with this community. They ask the deeper questions, are authentically engaged with each other, and supportive of one another as we navigate this work in progress called life. During the pandemic they did not miss a beat and moved all sessions online and even added several courses, prayer sessions and collectives to the line up. We give to Convergence because we believe in their mission to nurture and challenge artists who now reach far beyond northern Virginia thanks to their resilience and forward thinking in difficult times.

Laura Lyon, Photographer – Tampa, Florida


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