Improvised Liturgy

When we witness great improvisation, we’re floored.

Somehow the performer magically knows what to say, what notes to play, what gestures come next! They leave us spellbound because (seemingly) out of nothing comes something special.

But great improvisers are not working from nothing.

They have clearly defined structures and frameworks within which to work. They have practiced the basics for hours and hours over years. They are so immersed in the craft of their art that they have the freedom to “break the rules” and move about freely. They know the structure they’ve built will hold them and they are free to just play with abandon.

Our spiritual lives require a certain level of “craft” as well.

I call this “soul craft.” It’s the spiritual disciplines, practices, and habits that create a framework for our spiritual lives.

A church service has a framework like this. It’s called a “liturgy.” It’s basically the preset order of how things will go so that one piece flows naturally into another. It also ensures that the most appropriate and effective things are done and that nothing is left out.

And, the word “liturgy” comes from the Greek word, “leitourgia.” which is often translated as the”work of (or for) the people.”

So, taken together, a worship service is designed as a structure in which we can freely do the work of worshiping God together with and for one another. This then becomes rehearsal for our lives. It’s a chance to practice whole-life worship which we then take into the rest of our week.

On the second Sunday of the month during Practicing the Presence of God: Creative Prayer, we improvise a little!

We have a simple structure within which to work and play and allow the Holy Spirit to move our creativity to lead us into worship. I hope you’ll join us.

Bring a pen and paper and whatever you have for communion.

Creative Prayer Meets 5:00 PM on the Second Sunday of the Month on Zoom.

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