Spiritual Collectives

The Bible compels us to stop. To breathe. To pray. To listen. Together.

It is essential to have companions on the spiritual journey. Convergence offers small group “Spiritual Collectives” that meet in person or online for 6 weeks per 6 rounds in 2022 for a time to practice listening for God’s voice in scripture and in the journeys of companions.

How does it work?

Each week, you are asked to use the LECTIO 365 prayer app at least three times to guide you in thematic prayer and meditation. As you reflect ask yourself the questions; “What is God saying to me and what will I do about it?” Your group will meet once a week for 90 minutes to practice “Holy Listening.” The group takes turns sharing personal insights, questions or challenges prompted by their reflections on meditations from Lectio 365 while the rest of the group listens for the “still small voice” in the words of the speaker.

The collectives are not a Bible study or even a discussion group. Rather, they are a space to deepen our ability to abide and hear God’s voice in the everydayness of life. They are an opportunity for building gentle accountability in our spiritual practices in a supportive environment.

The scripture meditations are prepared from the ancient wisdom of the Bible as well as contemporary experiences, cultural observations and artistic musings. Our Spiritual Collective facilitators range from curious questioners to seasoned Christians.

Everyone is welcome in our groups so please invite your friends!

This time around, we will use the Lectio 365 App for our meditations. You can download the free app here: 24-7 Prayer International | Lectio 365 or in the app store on your phone. This app allows you to listen to or read the meditation as you choose.

How do I sign up?

Our 1st round of Spiritual Collectives for 2022 will be held January 4th – February 12th 2022. Registration opens early December 2021.



Contact us for more information.