Convergence practices an intentional rhythm of song, scripture, silence, art making and communal prayer. Our lives are consumed by noise and updates and opinions and tasks, and we often insulate ourselves against a noisy internal dialogue because we are afraid of what might be discovered in silence.

For those who can enter into a shared silence, the benefits are exponential. Our community serves to build a safe, fertile space for this intimate experience of prayer and reflection. We discover more of God and ourselves in this encounter and leave knowing a deeper, truer connection to a God is expansive enough to supply all of our needs and is small enough to meet with us in stillness and quiet.

Going online has allowed us to share the kinds of experiences we enjoy regularly as a small group with more people in a variety of locations. It has shown us there is a hunger for bridging creativity and the spiritual life and a desire for training and discipleship in these ways. In addition to our online expansion, we are excited about using all we learned from the “Gather 2019” study to re-invent our in-person activities. Looking towards a “spiritual gym” model of church, we will create opportunities through out the week to “workout” together in prayer, worship, creative projects, fun activities and training.


Call for Project Leaders and Participants soul|makers Forming Young Emerging Leaders in the Arts Project Artists are gifted at exciting our imaginations; but what is forming theirs? How can we equip young emerging artists with practices and tools that will sustain them over the course of their career? Find out more about the soul|makers Forming … Continue reading Events

Spiritual Collectives

The Bible compels us to stop. To breathe. To pray. To listen. Together. It is essential to have companions on the spiritual journey. Convergence offers small group “Spiritual Collectives” that meet in person or online for 10 weeks at a time to practice listening for God’s voice in scripture and in the journeys of companions. … Continue reading Spiritual Collectives


At 5:00 PM on the 2nd Sunday of every month, the Convergence community gathers online from around the country for a time of virtual contemplative worship. Designed to engage technology as a contemplative tool we share scripture meditation videos created by our in-house artists along with live prayer and communion. Inspired by the silence and … Continue reading PAUSE