Arts in Worship

By creating space to “play” within the Biblical text, participants are able to get to know it slowly. In a sense, they are able to take it out of the box, caress the words, consider the colors, sounds and tastes, look the characters in the face and ask them direct questions. No matter the context, participants almost always respond with comments like “I’ve known that Bible passage my whole life but I never really heard it until now.” For others, it is an inviting first exposure to a rich biblical world.

Each of the examples of worship services below are experiences that have had significant impact in the life of our congregation. We have provided links to downloads of orders of worship, articles, etc. which give more detail for each of these experiences. These are shared here to encourage you to “think outside the box” and create your own embodied enactment of biblical stories in whatever way seems appropriate for your context.

GATHER 2019: Re-imagining Worship & Soulful Community

Overview: Gather 2019 is a current Case Study asking how we might transform our worship at Convergence to meet a rising generation. Innovative and creative church leaders who recognize that change is necessary are invited to join us in our quest to gain insight into how Millennials are changing the way we gather and the opportunity for communities of faith to effectively meet the yearning for soulful community among rising generations.

Look Who’s Coming to Easter Dinner: Improvising the Book of Philemon

Overview: For Easter 2016, we engaged in an immersive, interactive exploration of the book of Philemon using improvisation to turn our monthly communion dinner into an opportunity to challenge ourselves in our understanding of forgiveness, group decision making and what it means to be Christian community. The congregation met around the table and imagined that … Continue reading Look Who’s Coming to Easter Dinner: Improvising the Book of Philemon


Overview: For Easter, 2018 Convergence celebrated by feasting with our friends and neighbors. During Lent, we focused on the practices of fasting and chose to explore “feasting” on all that is good for Easter. This banquet feast was our way of celebrating hope through an act of beauty with neighbors, arts partners, and friends. The … Continue reading Easter SunSET FEAST