Convergence Stewards Covenant 2023

We offer this covenant as an expression of who are we trying to become in our life together under the Lordship of Christ. We commit ourselves to the lifelong challenge of growing as disciples of Jesus Christ and becoming increasingly like Him in all aspects of our lives, a pilgrimage for which we accept full and personal responsibility. We joyfully welcome into our fellowship any person who shares our commitment to Jesus Christ and our vision of who He is leading us to become.

Please check the boxes above to affirm that you have read and understood the Stewards commitments.

What’s a Steward? A Steward is one who identifies her/himself as a follower of Jesus Christ and wishes to unite with the Convergence family in a committed way of accountability. In doing so, one commits to God and one another to support the mission of Convergence by living out the church covenant as expressed in our bylaws. This “stewardship” is open to all who feel called to that responsibility and choose to engage in the preparation that is required. A Steward commits to regular and ongoing support of Convergence in the following ways: praying, serving, attending, contributing, promoting and financial giving. Collectively, the Stewards are the voting body of Convergence.