The Spirituality of Modern Art: An Introduction

What is being questioned by modern thinkers and artists is a Christianity that has reduced itself into a social construct that rejects the world, even while it says it believes in Jesus who loves the world; it finds its identity not in love but in being the opposite of what it considers ‘liberal,’ immoral, contemporary, socialist, scientific and experimental.

Hybrid Ways of Thinking

Ronya Dones, Virtual Artist in Residence 2022. Starting a new creative project of any kind is often intimidating, and this residency with Convergence was no different, but Lisa and Convergence community could not have been more supportive...

Convergence Spotlight: Ronya Dones

Ronya Dones is Convergence's first "Virtual Artist in Residence." As an artist and teacher, Ronya examines human flourishing with child-like curiosity and modern sophistication. She has developed innovative spiritual, social-emotional and arts-based programming for individuals, families, schools, museums, libraries, rehabilitation centers, therapists, churches, community and social service agencies.

Karen Swenholt

Convergence Spotlight: Karen Swenholt

Sculptor, Karen Swenholt is our first in the Convergence Spotlight Video Series. Karen is a figurative sculptor who lives and works in Northern Virginia. She is currently Artist in Residence at Convergence in Alexandria, Virginia where her studio is located. Her large-scale sculptures are on view in the Convergence Sculpture Garden.