Artscape to Heartscape with Anni C Brink & Adrienne Reedy

Convergence Creative Prayer

December 4, 2022

Each month on the first Sunday, Adrienne Reedy leads Artscape to Heartscape for our online Creative Prayer. These are conversational gatherings designed to shape, sculpt and mold the landscape of life through creative expression and conversation.

Anni C Brink

Anni C. Brink began making art in 1987, working as a painter, illustrator, and fabric artist. Since then, she has created hundreds of commissioned art pieces for churches, schools, and individuals. Her art has also been featured on greeting cards and book, magazine, worship bulletin, and devotional covers.

Brink has displayed paintings in numerous art galleries and church and seminary galleries nationwide. In her work, she focuses on scripture as well as the life and teachings of Jesus; also on themes of justice, love, peace, and worship. Currently, she is making good news ARTcomix books for youth focused on justice and the life of Jesus. For more about Anni and her work, see,, and @goodnewsartsstudio (Instagram).

In my art, I use figures and a rainbow of colors to convey character and emotion, and groups of figures to portray community and tell Christian and scriptural stories. My most frequent spiritual themes are Jesus our Savior, God’s love for us, the kingdom of God, and how we can truly love God and our neighbors. With vivid imagination and bold colors, I try to suggest reconciliations, healings, and solutions. My art is racially and culturally inclusive, encouraging diverse people to talk with each other. I try to bring hope, healing, and joy to people, and to reflect my belief in the great value of each person and that we all are created in God’s image. – Anni C Brink

See more of her work here…

Where do you find joy in creating? Send us an email and let us know!

Adrienne Reedy leads Creative Prayer online every third Sunday for Convergence with Artscape to Heartscape.

As a recording gospel artist, Adrienne painted pictures with words through music. On Christmas morning 2018, she found of boxes of soft pastels stuffed in her Christmas stocking.  It didn’t take long before painting with pastels became a passion. Learn more about Adrienne and our 5:00 PM Sunday sessions here…

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