Mission: To live out the way of Jesus as an imaginative people engaged in whole life worship, authentic community, and culture care, curation & creation.

In most churches, active participation by a member is determined by attendance at a weekly worship service and other programming on a Sunday morning. In addition, one may participate in various optional activities throughout the week.

Our structure at Convergence reflects the diversity of our congregation in that it allows multiple opportunities throughout the week, month and year (in person and online) to which one may commit and be considered a full active participant. We are seeing this as a “spiritual gym” model. We are bound together through our shared values and a commitment to a shared rhythm of life in Christ. We have structured our church in such a way that there are multiple ways one may live that out in community. This gives us the opportunity to share our ministry more broadly and grow more deeply in our faith together.

Church as Collective

About Us: In an artist collective, the artistic “product” is not merely a painting, sculpture, poem or piece of music. It is much more. Instead, the artistic product includes the collaborative process itself; the mistakes, discoveries and inventions. The “art” is a communal behavior by people committed to a common purpose, often over a long … Continue reading Church as Collective


HISTORY “Culture is what we make of the world. Culture is, first of all, the name for our relentless, restless human effort to take the world as it’s given to us and make something else; to make sense of the wonder and terror of the world is the original human occupation… This is the human … Continue reading History

Values & Beliefs

VALUE STATEMENTS AND VISION INDICATORS Whole-life worship involves a commitment to individual and corporate spiritual practices and disciplines in the way of Jesus. It allows us to “pray without ceasing” by allowing ourselves to be transformed by God’s love through the Holy Spirit in the image of Christ. Vision Indicators: We are experiencing personal transformation … Continue reading Values & Beliefs


At Convergence, all who participate belong. These are our members. Anyone who senses that the ministry of Convergence is a part of their calling and wish to have a more involved commitment in this creative community of faith are invited to join our voting body of “Stewards.” Many of our Stewards are members of other … Continue reading Membership

Contact Us

Phone Number: 571-431-7644 Our Team: Executive Director and Pastor: Rev. Lisa Cole Smith Director of Communications and Digital Media: Dan ABH Office Administrator: Rita Hadley